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Dearborn Immigration Lawyer

Immigration law is a key component of our international practice. Whether it is for individuals, families, or organizations, our Dearborn immigration lawyer get results. In addition, we possess the care and passion required in this line of work. Accordingly, our counselors work tirelessly to help clients realize their goals and maximize on the opportunities before them.

Attorney Services: Green Cards, Deportation, Asylum & Refugee Petitions, Student Visas and More 

Our Dearborn immigration lawyer assist our clients in their applications for green cards based on employment, spouse and 
family, asylum and refuge petitions, as well as other green cards and non-immigrant 
visas. For your convenience, our immigration attorneys are all fluent speakers of second languages.
  • Investment Immigration
  • Employment Immigration
  • Family-based Immigration

It is important for anyone who may be adversely affected to seek the advice of legal counsel.

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