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The Michigan criminal defense lawyers of AT Law Group are here to defend your rights. Our criminal attorneys are committed to helping you achieve the most favorable outcome for your legal challenge. Our criminal law firm successfully defended cases involving assault, theft, gun crimes, domestic violence, and other crimes. We understand the stress and anxiety that you are experiencing. Hence, we will treat you with empathy and respect in pursuit of compensation for your injuries. 

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Weapon Charges, Drug Crimes, DUI Defense, Traffic Offenses, Probation Violation, Assault

Our criminal defense attorneys handle a range of criminal cases, specializing in both felony and misdemeanor offenses. Criminal offenses include: DUI defense, drunk driving, hit and run defense, traffic ticket defense, driving while license suspended and violation of probation. In addition, we specialize in criminal charges, including: criminal sexual conduct, drug crimes, weapons charges, money laundering, murder and more. In any situation, you can count on our Detroit criminal lawyer to answer your questions and provide sound legal advice.

A criminal conviction can have long-lasting consequences. Often, it can ruin your reputation, hence interfering with professional, personal, emotional, and many other aspects of your life. Our Michigan criminal defense lawyers is here to investigate your case thoroughly and build you the strongest defense possible. Our aggressive representation will ensure the best possible outcome from your case, so as to protect your reputation and your future.  Every charge is a charge worth fighting for. An experienced and well-rounded attorney can make the fight and win possible.

Our firm works with clients throughout the Detroit area to defend against traffic citations and licensing issues. We are here to fight on your behalf and minimize the damage to your driving record. Moreover, our traffic offense attorneys know Michigan traffic laws. Hence, we know how to minimize the time these tickets take out of your life. You do not have to spend time in court, because we will be your representative. Traffic offenses can add up quickly on your record, leading to more expensive insurance and stiffer penalties. Often, eventually the loss of your license. Best criminal defense lawyers in Michigan.

It is always a good idea to consult with a traffic lawyer when facing licensing issues. Our team will make the law work to your advantage. We will help limit the citations you have on your record and help you to retain your driving privileges. Detroit criminal attorney.

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As infringements on your record increase, so too does the severity of the punishment. Therefore, do not allow seemingly minor criminal convictions to taint your record. Lean on our Michigan criminal defense lawyers to protect your reputation.The Michigan federal court takes any criminal violation seriously. Often, state prosecutors attempt to punish you to the fullest extent if they have the opportunity to do so. Moreover, even minor charges can carry heavy fines. Major charges  and the fines and incarceration that follow can change your life forever. Detroit criminal attorney.

At Law Group is a passionate criminal defense firm serving clients. Having worked with criminal defense clients from all walks of life, we appreciate how difficult things seem right now for you. Our defense lawyers understand the challenges you are facing, and how much you stand to lose. Every person deserves effective legal counsel. We are ready to provide you with that counsel. We will fight hard to protect your reputation and minimize damages. Michigan criminal defense lawyers and Detroit criminal attorney.

Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Michigan

The Michigan criminal defense lawyers of AT Law Group are experienced in trials and appeals in Michigan court. Our criminal lawyers are sought out by clients to represent them on cases of particular complexity or importance. We represent adults, youths, corporations and victims caught up in the justice system. In addition, our attorneys can assist when legal matters overlap across other practice areas. Best criminal defense lawyers in Michigan.

The criminal attorneys of AT Law Group share a commitment to justice, professionalism and desire to succeed on your behalf.  We personally appear on behalf of our clients at court appearances. This allows clients to focus on work and family as opposed to the criminal case. In addition, we provide regular and detailed updates on case status. Our attorneys are always available to answer your questions. The Michigan criminal defense lawyers of AT Law Group maintain regular contact with clients. Our attorneys can often respond to your calls within hours. Detroit criminal attorney.

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