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Real Estate Law


Michigan Real Estate Attorney Looking for an experienced Michigan real estate attorney? Look no further. At Law Group in Dearborn, MI is here to assist you with all of your real estate law needs. Serving the Metro Detroit area, our Dearborn real estate attorney understand that transactions can be complex. In addition, there is often [...]

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Family Law


Michigan Family Lawyers Our Michigan family lawyers understand that cases involving divorce, child custody, and child support can be contentious. Often, cases are stressful. Thus, it is important that competent legal team on your side. Our Dearborn divorce lawyers and custody attorneys are here for you  – fighting hard to get you the results you want [...]

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International Business Law


Our law firm focuses on the practice of international business and assisting clients in their legal needs. Our attorneys come from an international background and perspective. We have experience in international affairs and consulting for companies and organizations doing business abroad, especially between the United States and the Middle East. Our firm handles both start-up and [...]

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Immigration Law


Dearborn Immigration Lawyer Immigration law is a key component of our international practice. Whether it is for individuals, families, or organizations, our Dearborn immigration lawyer get results. In addition, we possess the care and passion required in this line of work. Accordingly, our counselors work tirelessly to help clients realize their goals and maximize on the [...]

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Nonprofit Law


Michigan Nonprofit Lawyers Our Michigan nonprofit lawyers provide a full spectrum of services to meet the unique needs of nonprofit clients. They can counsel a group of individuals on forming a new nonprofit organization, as well as assist well-established organizations with implementation and maintenance of corporate structure in the areas of nonprofit governance, business, and employment [...]

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Business Law


Dearborn Business Lawyer By way of proper legal mechanisms and comprehensive business and legal counsel, our Dearborn business lawyer help businesses and form, grow, and realize their goals. We establish a strong infrastructure for organizations to develop their operations for long-term growth. From corporate structures, to operating agreements and business formation, to contract drafting and review, [...]

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Personal Injury


Detroit Personal Injury Lawyers Our Detroit personal injury lawyers advocate passionately for clients. Our injury lawyers are here to get you the results you need from your personal injury case. We work with victims and their families who have suffered a range of injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, electrocution, broken bones and death.  [...]

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Trademark Law


Michigan Trademark Attorney The worst thing that you can do as a new entrepreneur is open a business or create a product or service without consulting a Michigan trademark attorney or creative rights lawyer. What if someone already has rights to the name that you wish to use or are already using? You risk the possibility [...]

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Criminal Defense


Dearborn Criminal Lawyer Our Dearborn criminal lawyer is here to defend your rights. Our defense attorneys work in a range of criminal cases, including: DUI defense, hit and run defense, traffic ticket defense, driving while license suspended defense and violation of probation. In addition, we specialize in criminal charges, including: drug crimes, weapons charges, money laundering, sex [...]

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Estate Planning


Dearborn Probate Attorney The At Law Group in Dearborn, MI offers probate assistance to clients throughout the Detroit area. Our Dearborn probate attorney and estate lawyer provide knowledgeable guidance about the estate administration process. When a loved one passes away, the affairs of the deceased must be put in order and any assets must be distributed to [...]

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