5 ways an unhealthy marriage can affect your children

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Many parents will continue their unhealthy marriage with the belief that it’s the best thing for their children. In their minds, their marriage will last only as long as their children are under their roof. Then their marriage will end sometime when their children decide to go to college or are financially independent. 

Your children are still young, however, and it’ll be years before any of that happens. Yet, if your marriage is falling apart and it’s visibly showing, then it might be causing problems for your children. A toxic marriage can greatly affect your children in their early development stages. Here are a few signs your unhealthy marriage is hurting your children’s growth:

1. Your children are communicating less

Communication is a very important skill for children that affects them throughout their adult life. The way you and your spouse communicate with each other serves as an example to your children. If you and your spouse constantly fight, it may make your children want to talk less to avoid frustration and anger.

2. Your children are keeping their emotions reserved

Communication also serves as a way for your children to talk about their emotions. If you and your spouse have difficulties talking about how you feel about each other, then it can affect how much your children talk about their emotions.

3. Your children are struggling in school

One sure sign that your marriage is making life difficult for your children is if they start struggling with their grades. They may not be able to seek the help they need in school because they fear it will cause an argument at home. 

4. Your children are spending less time with you

It’s important for children’s development to spend time with their parents. However, the constant fighting they experience may make them spend less time with you and make them seem distant as adults.

5. Your children are developing combative habits

Reserved feelings, poor communication and a lack of attention can lead to children becoming combative. They may even act out during school as a result of their emotions.

If you find your marriage is affecting your children, then you may need to consider your legal options.

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