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Iyad Dirany is a seasoned media professional with over 26 years of experience in the Arab World. As a highly respected business journalist, media consultant, and filmmaker, Iyad has establishedhimself as a leading authority in the industry, leveraging his extensiveexperience and deep knowledge of regional particularities to create innovativeand effective media solutions for a diverse range of clients, including globalentities such as the United Nations, several international news networks andnumerous "Fortune 100 companies".

With a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and a wealth of experience working with top newspapers, magazines, and news agencies in the Middle East, Iyad has a deep understanding of the media landscape in the region. He has honed his skills as a media strategist, helping private sector businesses and public sector entities and figures to navigate the complex media environment and develop strong relationships with key stakeholders.

As a partner in Colorbars, a film production company with locations in Lebanon and the United States, Iyad has helped to produce a wide range of high-quality content, including documentaries, corporate films, and social media filming content. With a focus on story telling and an eye for detail, Iyad has played an instrumental role in the success of numerous projects, earning him a reputation as a talented filmmaker and media professional.

With his extensive experience and deep industry knowledge, Iyad Dirany is a valuable asset to the media industry in the MiddleEast and beyond. Whether he is developing media strategies, producing original content, or providing insightful analysis and commentary on the latest trends in the industry.

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