Hurry Sickness: An ailment that causes car accidents

Published on
May 10, 2023

Though not a technical disease, experts believe that a lot of Americans suffer from Hurry Sickness. This is often called Time Urgency. As the names imply, it’s this general sense that you need to hurry through everything, that you’re always in a rush and that you need to urgently get as much done as possible. You’ll probably feel anxious if you aren’t rushing, and you may still feel anxious that you’re not doing enough even when you are rushing. This is a problem on many levels, a lot of which are just personal. Are you living with extra stress? Have you forgotten how to slow down and enjoy life? But there are also some very tangible issues that come with living like this, including an increased chance of getting into a car accident.

Speeding in the car

One potential symptom of hurry sickness is perpetual speeding. Even if you have enough time to get somewhere by a certain deadline, you find yourself speeding so you can get there even sooner. It never feels like you can move fast enough. You have this perpetual sense of being behind, and speeding is one way you try to address it.

Making more mistakes

Additionally, hurry sickness can lead to a lot of mistakes and errors. People who rush through tasks tend to make more mistakes than those who do not. This applies to everything, from writing a paper for school to doing a task at work. It also applies in the car. Little things like failing to signal or not checking a blind spot can cause a crash, and they’re more likely if you’re in a rush.

Other drivers do this, too

It’s important to be wary of hurry sickness so that you don’t let it control the way you drive. It takes work, but you can combat this mindset and make yourself safer. Unfortunately, many other drivers in America also suffer from hurry sickness, and they can still cause accidents. If they injure you, then you need to know how to seek out financial compensation.

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