Navigating Dubai's Business Terrain: ATLAW Explores Opportunities for Growth

Published on
August 1, 2023

The ATLAW team recently visited Dubai. The team included Abathar Tajaldeen, Mahmoud Mansour and Mohamed Aljabery. Our objective was to develop a deeper understanding of the current investment landscape in Dubai as well as explore potential investment opportunities in the healthcare, real estate, and food & beverage industries.

During the visit, the ATLAW team held multiple meetings with notable figures within the Dubai marketplace including the prominent real estate developer, Mr. Esa Mohammed, to explore the real estate investment opportunities as well as the commercial rental market. Furthermore, the meeting addressed the regulatory landscape for US companies who are looking to establish branch entities in Dubai, both offshore and onshore.

The team also met with Mr. Abdulmunim Binswaidan to review existing matters for our clients who have litigation matters in Dubai and Cairo, as well as strategizing to assist Emirati clients with commercial interests in the United States. Furthermore, the ATLAW Team met with Mr. Ammar Tobba and Mazen Dirany, communication and public relations professionals, to explore how US-based firms could position their brands to optimize their development into the Dubai market.

The ATLAW team also gained valuable insight into the Dubai business scene. It was determined that Dubai is a worldwide commercial center that serves as both a lucrative market for some companies and a gateway to other markets in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Companies domiciled in the United States may be able to benefit from preferential treatment in the free zone when establishing entities that might possibly be used to do business abroad. Furthermore, the team determined that brand quality is extremely important in Dubai, thus any firms interested in expanding into the Dubai market must spend in strengthening and boosting the value of their brand before entering the market.

The trip to Dubai was successful all around. The team had the opportunity to speak with important players in order to better understand the current investment climate in Dubai, look into prospective investment opportunities, and get insightful knowledge about the local business environment. These results will make it possible for ATLAW and our clients to increase their investments in the region in a more successful and strategic way.

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