Seasonal risks to watch for throughout the year in Michigan

Published on
May 10, 2023

Michigan is notorious for having poor roads. Needing to constantly dodge potholes automatically makes it a little more difficult to drive safely. The state of the roads only makes seasonal weather issues that much more concerning for drivers.Major changes in seasonal road conditions mean that there are different challenges for drivers throughout the year. Even seasons that seem like they might be safer, like spring and summer, have their own safety rules.Identifying the most pressing road safety concerns and each of Michigan's four seasons will help you reduce your risk of getting into a serious motor vehicle collision.


There are numerous hazards on the road in Michigan in spring. The temperature fluctuations common during this time of year can cause potholes. Plenty of animals might try crossing the road, from turtles to white-tailed deer, as they are frantic for food and looking to mate.Springtime precipitation comes with its own risks, like hydroplaning on wet roads and reduced visibility. That leftover debris from the winter may also make the roads less safe in the early spring.


There are more teenage drivers on the road during the summer because they don't have school, which makes the summer a risky time of year for youthful drivers in particular. Additionally, vacations and holidays like the Fourth of July lend themselves to people over-consuming alcohol. Drunk driving collisions are a serious risk during the summer months, especially around Independence Day.


Autumn in Dearborn can be quite beautiful. As the leaves change color and start falling, however, they can increase the risk of a crash by making the roads slippery or hiding potholes or other debris on the road.The biggest fall holiday, Halloween, is also one of the most dangerous days of the year for pedestrian crashes because of all the children in the streets. Animal crossings and heavy precipitation can also lead to collisions.


The coldest months in Dearborn are also some of the most dangerous for drivers. While the area does not get the lake effect snow of West Michigan or the extreme cold temperatures of the Upper Peninsula, there can still be plenty of inclement weather to make even a boring daily commute feel like a dangerous drive. The winter holidays also often see a spike in drunk driving collisions.Being attentive to possible seasonal road risks and investing in good insurance and both be ways for Michigan drivers to reduce the risk of getting into a motor vehicle crash and experiencing losses after one occurs.

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