Seeking New Frontiers: ATLAW Team Explores Investment Prospects in Kuwait

Published on
November 2, 2023

Recently, the ATLAW team traveled to Kuwait in search of new ways to serve our clients. Abathar Tajaldeen and Mahmoud Mansour represented the firm in its exploration.  Our goals included meeting with our team of attorneys and advisors, exploring investment prospects for clients in the healthcare and food and beverage industries, and meeting with investment funds interested in making investments in these areas.

The Dalal Al Mulla Legal Group, ATLAW's primary legal collaborator, was the focus of several meetings. Developing a plan to better serve our shared clientele, particularly Kuwaiti citizens who have real estate assets in the US, was the main goal of this discussion. The team next had a meeting with Taqneem Consulting Group, a significant F&B consulting firm. During this discussion, prospective franchise prospects for American companies in Kuwait as well as any potential chances for Kuwaiti brands to enter new markets on a regional and international scale were discussed.

The team then spoke with the Al-Roumi Group to explore their desire to acquire healthcare franchises and licenses in the United States. The team observed that Kuwait has the GCC's most robust food and beverage sector. As a result, there were many trustworthy brands that were in a good position to grow into both international markets in the UK and US as well as regional markets like Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Despite the fact that the Kuwaiti market was considerably smaller than the markets in the GCC around it, there were many sizable investment organizations eager to enter the market or make investments overseas.

The team noticed that Kuwaitis prefer to invest in US real estate, in contrast to Saudis and Emiratis. The team's final point was that the entertainment sector is one of Kuwait's fastest-growing industries and a government priority. Following that, the ATLAW team met with the team, which is led by Alaa Oghly, the Chief Business Development Consultant. This meeting's main goal was to go through updates on concerns involving both current and potential clients.

The entire trip was an amazing accomplishment for the ATLAW team. We learned more about the opportunities Kuwait offers and the level of interest Kuwaiti investors have in the US real estate industry. The team was able to obtain knowledge about the services we can provide to customers as well as information about potential markets we might investigate in the near future.

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