What crimes can lead to deportation?

Published on
May 10, 2023

As an immigrant facing criminal charges, you may be concerned about what will happen to your continued stay in the country at the end of your case. Given that some crimes can lead to deportation, your concerns are well-founded, and it is necessary to know if you are at risk of deportation. Generally, it depends on the extent of the crime. The more serious your charges, the higher the chances of deportation upon conviction. Below are the main types of crimes that could lead to your deportation.

General crimes

Crimes of moral turpitude, which consist of acts against the law done recklessly and with evil intent, are grounds for deportation, as are aggravated felonies. These may include drunk driving cases which result in a fatality, fraud or trafficking, among others. Possession of scheduled substances, except for a single offense of possessing marijuana weighing 30g or less for personal use, is also a deportable crime. Drug addicts and abusers could also face deportation. Domestic violence crimes such as stalking or violation of protection orders and certain firearm offenses could also lead to deportation.

Protecting your rights

While the list above is not exhaustive, you shouldn't leave anything to chance. If you face charges of deportable crimes, avoiding a conviction is the best way to ensure your immigrant status remains unaffected. Otherwise, you will still have to do time as per your sentence and face deportation after that. Your defense strategy is perhaps the most important thing, and you need to be well prepared to go against your charges. Remember, even a first-time drug possession or operating while intoxicated charge can blow out of proportion. It is the reason why you should treat every criminal charge urgently, given that it has the potential to affect your life significantly.

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