Mohamed Ali Banoon

Corporate Law


Mohamed Ali Banoon, as Counsel at ATLAW, specializes in estate planning, bringing a wealth of experience and dedication to his clients.

With a focus on providing comprehensive and personalized estate planning solutions, Mohamed goes beyond the traditional "document preparation" approach. Instead, he sees estate planning as an opportunity to guide and counsel clients through the intricacies of preparing for both expected and unforeseen events. Mohamed's practice encompasses wills, trusts, estates, and probate matters, with a primary goal of establishing frameworks and processes to safeguard clients' interests and legacies throughout their lives and beyond.

In addition to his estate planning expertise, Mohamed has a diverse legal background, advising clients on immigration, nonprofit, and corporate matters. Over the past 15+ years, he has actively contributed to various nonprofit organizations, utilizing his legal and analytical skills to advance community causes.

Mohamed's commitment to community service aligns seamlessly with his legal practice, reflecting his dedication to making a positive impact. His multifaceted experience and passion for serving others make him a valuable asset to ATLAW, contributing to the firm's ongoing growth and success.

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