Your Team

Image of attorney Dewnya A. Bazzi

Dewnya A. Bazzi

Chief Executive Officer

Abathar Alkudari

Abathar Tajaldeen

Partner & Shareholder

Image of attorney Hassan Abdallah

Hassan Abdallah

Principal Healthcare Consultant & COO

Staff Bethany Melitz

Bethany Melitz


Attorney Nehme Bazzi

Nehme Bazzi


Attorney Shawn D. Glaza

Shawn D. Glaza


Attorney Jamil Mourad

Jamil Mourad


Image of attorney Elyse Carnagie

Elyse Carnagie


Image of attorney Mohamed Hammoud

Mohamed Hammoud


Staff Shane Mackey

Shane Mackey

Legal Research and Writing Specialist
Mahmoud Mansour

Mahmoud Mansour

International Legal Consultant
Staff Lamis Baydoun

Lamis Baydoun

Director of Provider Communications

Staff Zein Bazzi

Zein Bazzi

Legal Clerk

Staff Elana Craciunoiu

Elena Craciunoiu

Legal Specialist

Staff Omitra Gates

Omitra Gates


Staff Janet Glover

Janet Sprung-Glover

Director of Prelitigation PI

Staff Madison Grauer

Madison Grauer

Front Desk Receptionist

Staff Sarah Hazime

Sarah Hazime

Legal Clerk

Staff Allie Matuzak

Allie Matuzak

Staff Zeinab Saab

Zeinab Saab

Human Resource Manager
Staff Nour Saade

Nour Saade

Legal Clerk